Who we do it for

YM supplies services for students from year groups 5-13, Headteachers, SLT, teachers, support staff, NQT’s and parents.

Services supplied

  • Inset days- Full or half-day
  • Twilight’s
  • Parent sessions
  • Conferences-key note speeches, workshops
  • Motivational assemblies
  • Student personal development days/career days
  • Teacher coaching
  • NQT training
  • Small group work

What we do.

Headteachers, SLT, Teachers, support staff and NQT’s 

The keys to getting the most from today’s student.

1. The Power of Education –

“Your education is your number one key to unlocking a whole world of opportunities”

A reflection on the immense power of education to shape young lives and define their future and how educators play an instrumental role in this journey.

2. Relationship building

Practical tips that can be applied to assist in the building of stronger relationships with your student. Introducing the four pillars of relationship building.

3. Engaging today’s learner.

This is a session designed to offer practical techniques and tips to engage todays learner with exercises such as double handed writing to involve the students and help them learn how their brains work. Explore ways to fire up neurons and discuss the importance of dopamine to the learning process.

4. State of mind

Used as a tool of assessment to get the best out of your students. Recognise that each student will exhibit their particular traits that harnessed effectively can increase student attainment. A guide to knowing your students.

5. Personal branding- Unleash the super hero in you!

Teacher personal branding will be discussed in a thought-provoking light and highlight the need for creating a brand that students will want to aspire to.

How can you as a teacher become a brand that a student will want to aspire to?

What does your brand represent?

What is that special quality that you bring with you to the classroom?

Are you prepared?

Are you consistent in your approach?

Recognise your strengths and weaknesses and use this information effectively. 

For Students (year groups 5-9) – The future is your option!

Inspirational sessions for years 5 and 6 that are designed to expand young minds and inspire human computers! 

For years 7, 8 and 9 we will discuss the impact of the power of education to provide choices. Using proven, practical techniques such as RAP (Respect, Accountability and Preparation) and discussing the most effective state of mind for learning, the students will be encouraged to be the best they can be as they progress through their educational journey.

For year groups 10 and 11, Exam preparation

Prepare your students for the challenges ahead; students will learn the 3 P’s (Plan, Practise and Perform) and other effective tools such as time management, revision planning and practical techniques. We recommend that at least two to four sessions are booked during the academic year for maximum effect.

Parents sessions

For year 11 a parents session is useful to reinforce the positive messages that the
students would have received earlier on in the day.

For year groups 12-13 – Stand out from the crowd.

Focus on your future and make sure you hit your targets to secure your next step is the message here. An introduction to developing your personal brand and learning the art of how not to be mediocre!
Finish strong!

Additional Products

Championship coaching

Focusing on the development of NQT’s to become more effective in their classroom practice.

Boys to men

Working with a targeted group of boys to discuss what type of men they would like to become. Respect, Accountability and Preparation (RAP)

Young entrepreneurs programme

Be the Boss!

A program designed to encourage students in years 9, 10 and 11 to aspire to be the boss by acquiring transferable skills that will enable them to start up and manage their own business.

All services and products come with a money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, then you won’t have to pay!

Prices to be discussed!

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